How to Remove Waterproof Mascara in 1 Minute without Makeup Remover.

Applying mascara for a new eye style is fun until you need to remove your waterproof mascara. You can follow our easy steps below how you can do it without makeup remover and without losing your lashes. 

Waterproof mascara contains silicone and wax that makes it resilient towards sweat, tears, and water. So, you will need to use an oil-based makeup remover to remove the mascara efficiently. You can also use coconut oil, micellar water, or baby shampoo if you find yourself out of makeup removal. 

It is undeniably tough and time-consuming to remove your mascara after spending quite some time to apply it correctly. The challenge is real! And it is a whole new game when it comes to removing waterproof mascara. It is designed to be persistent to be removed due to rain, humidity, and sweat, so it will take a specific way to be removed.

It may sound frustrating and challenging, but this article will help you remove waterproof mascara with ease and keep your lashes intact!

Method 1: Using Coconut Oil to Remove Waterproof Mascara

how to remove waterproof mascara
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Suppose you found yourself out of makeup remover. In that case, you can use baby oils or coconut oils to remove your waterproof mascara. The oil-based product works wonderfully in removing waterproof makeup products. It reduces irritation around your eye by adding more moisture to your skin and lashes. Coconut oils are generally better than mineral-oil based makeup remover, which can cause several problems such as breakouts, irritated skin around the eye, and itchy eyes. 

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Follow these steps

  1. Take a new cotton pad and soak it in the coconut oil. Take it out and give it a good squeeze until there is no dripping of coconut oil. Our eyes are quite sensitive to coconut oil, so make sure your cotton pad is not drenched and no dripping. It might irritate your eyes if the oil gets into your eyes.
  2. Close your eyes and hold the cotton pad for 30-40 seconds. You need to be patient so that the coconut oil is well distributed onto the waterproof mascara. 
  3. Slide the cotton pad slowly and carefully down over your eyelashes. You should see most of the mascara is taken off by now.
  4. Use the other side of the cotton pad to remove any remaining mascara. Do it carefully around the eyelashes.
  5. Don’t forget to slide the cotton pad gently around your eyes to remove any mascara residue.
  6. Please be extra careful and don’t stroke the cotton pad too hard because the skin around the eye area a bit thinner compared to other skin. Do it gently and carefully. 

Method 2: Using Micellar Water to Remove Waterproof Mascara

Micellar water infused with oil is perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin. It is very gentle and delicate on your eyes and lashes. Make sure it comes with infused oils, as it will break down waterproof mascara formula and make it easier to wipe clean. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Dab the micellar water with a clean cotton pad.
  2. Squeeze the cotton pad to make sure it is not dripping.
  3. Bring it close to your eyes, close your eyes and swipe the cotton pad from the bottom of your lashes for about 20 seconds towards the lash tips
  4. Repeat until you remove all the remaining waterproof mascara.

It is best always to make sure all your products are hypoallergenic. What is hypoallergenic? Makeup or skincare products usually have “hypoallergenic” on their labels. The maker claims their products will likely cause fewer allergic reactions than other products. The American government does not regulate it; thus, no standards are being laid out to the manufacturers.

To be safe, test the products on hand skin for a few days to see any reactions. The skin around the eyes is at least ten times thinner than any skin on our body, so it is more sensitive to certain makeup products. 

Method 3: Using Baby Shampoo (No-Tear Formula)

Find yourself needing to remove waterproof mascara, but you don’t have any makeup remover, coconut oil, or micellar water. Baby shampoo will do the trick. Make sure it is a ‘no-tear’ formula, or you might be shedding tears while you are removing the mascara. You don’t want that to happen! 

how to remove waterproof mascara using baby shampoo

Follow these steps:

  1. Take a cotton ball and wet it using a little bit of water.
  2. Use a minimal amount of baby shampoo on the wet cotton ball.
  3. Close your eyes and swipe downward your lashes until the tip.
  4. Use another clean cotton pad, wet it with water, and wipe away the mascara and remaining baby shampoo.
  5. Repeat step 4 until it is clean.

Please make sure you are using baby shampoo, not regular shampoo, to do the steps above. You might irritate your eyes and badly sting. 

Extra Care for Your Eyelashes

To maintain healthy eyelashes, you need to properly remove all the waterproof mascara around your eyes and clean your eyelashes with a gentle cleanser – baby shampoo is an excellent option for that. If your eyelashes need an upgrade, we recommend you to read our reviews for the best lash growth serum products on Amazon. Lash growth serum helps promote healthy, better growth, length, and most importantly, your lashes’ diameter. 

Is Waterproof Mascara Bad for Your Eyelashes?

It can cause several problems if you are wearing waterproof mascara every day! It is crucial to restrict the usage of mascara to a few days a week. Overly use of mascara can cause problems such as lash loss, eye irritation, and eye infections. Please keep in mind, your mascara is never to be shared with others and all eye makeup needs to be removed before bed.

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