How to Apply Mascara for Beginners and Become Experts in No Time.

To achieve that WOW eyes look does not need you to be a pro makeup artist. Our eye makeup expert will share with you how to apply mascara and tips she has been using for over a decade to create a wow eye look you truly desire. It will take some time until you get the hang of it. You don’t need any fancy mascara wand; use what you have in hand right now. 

There are endless formulas and techniques to get it right, but you will need to master the necessary skills to be flexible and versatile in applying mascara on your own. Eye makeup, especially mascara, is considered a classic-style makeup staple that can transform your look with just a simple swipe.

Steps How to Apply Eye Mascara

Please set this in mind: mascara is the last step in finishing your makeup procedures – eyeliner, eye shadow, and other eye makeups will come before mascara. A finishing touch by the mascara will complement and complete your makeup style. Before you start swiping your mascara wand, you need to choose your product. Do you need to increase length, volume, curl, or all together? This technique we will be teaching will cover all areas above and entirely works with any mascara.

1. Use Lashes Curler

how to apply mascara
Top 10 Best Eyelash Curler 2021

Eyelash curler’s primary purpose is to increase length and lift your eyelashes. Curl your eyelashes before applying mascara to make sure it can attach better to your eyelashes. It is best to use a curler with a round upper pad, like Petunia Eyelash Curler, to apply it as close as it can get to the eyelashes line. You can read our reviews for the Top 10 Best Eyelashes Curler article to get more options.

2. Apply Eyelash Primer

What is mascara primer?
Top 10 Best Eyelash Primer 2021

It is the same concept as skin makeup, the primer will come before the foundation. The same goes for mascara, so you need to apply eyelash primer before you apply your mascara. Eyelash primer gives mascara a better attachment to the eyelashes make them stay more robust and longer. It also helps to prep your eyelashes for mascara by separating and thicken lashes. We recommend L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Lash Boosting Conditioning Primer Mascara.

What does mascara primer do?

Eyelash primer gives mascara a better attachment to the eyelashes make them stay more robust and longer. It also helps to prep your eyelashes for mascara by separating and thicken lashes.

How to use mascara primer?

Apply the primer on both top and bottom lashes and wait for at least 20 seconds before you start applying your mascara. Depend on what you want, one coat of primer will do the job, but if you want your eyes to be more noticeable, apply two coats of primer. Apply your mascara before the primer gets dried. It is best to work on one eye at a time to have ample time to apply the mascara.

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3. Apply Mascara to Your Lashes

Please pay attention to how you take the mascara wand out from the tube, which can significantly affect your mascara application. It may seem insignificant, but it will majorly affect your mascara result. The right way to take out the mascara wand is by twisting the rod out and get rid of the excess product by wiping the mascara against the tube’s edge. This step will help to avoid clumpy and overloaded lashes. 

It would be best if you looked up, gently swipe your upper lashes’ base back and forth to coat the bottom of your eyelashes for applying mascara. Take your time and then slowly wipe the mascara wand upward until the tip of your eyelashes. Make sure your lashes are completely coated and move slowly to avoid the mascara become clumped. Repeat the brushing process until you are satisfied with the look and thickness of your eyelashes. While doing that, make sure your mascara is not dry, or else it will become brittle and fall off from your eyelashes.

It would help if you were more careful with bottom lashes as they are more sensitive and delicate compared to your upper lashes. Apply a minimal amount of mascara to avoid clumps. It will show if any clumps appeared, and you do not want that to happen. The most recommended way to do it is by using the wand tip and apply the coat only at the roots of lashes; gently wiggle the wand tip back and forth until mascara is applied evenly.

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4. Make Sure Eyelashes are Separated and Coated

In this step, check thoroughly that each of your eyelashes is coated and separated from each other. If you notice any clumps, you need to wipe them clean and repeat Step 3. The most common problem when applying mascara is to reach the inner and outer corners of eyelashes. The right way to do it is by carefully swipe the mascara vertically around the eyelashes’ corner, and it is the best way to coat them evenly.

5. Remove Any Clumps

Hold your mascara wand 45 degrees downward and move across your eyelashes gently. It will help the mascara’s bristle to hit the upper lashes at the tip and remove any clumps while separating the eyelashes individually.

6. Finishing Step by Removing Smudges

Hands movement are generally different from one to another. Smudges are usually found on your eyelids if you are not careful enough with your hand. Your hand coordination and the tip of the wand is crucial. It can be very messy, and you can find smudges on both of your eyelids. Fortunately, this is an easy fix using makeup remover or face moisturizer. Gently dab a cotton swab onto your eyelids, and remove the smudges. 

3 Tips for Applying Mascara by Professional Makeup Artist

If you have familiarized yourself with the essential skills for applying mascara, you can upgrade your skills using our tips below. These tips are convenient and can save you a lot of time. 

Tip #1: Use a Q-Tip to Remove Smudges

Put a drop of makeup remover on your Q-tip and gently wipe your eyelids to remove the smudges. Please make sure the smudges are dry before you dab them with the Q-tip. 

Tip #2: Use a Makeup Remover Pad

Makeup remover pad is not only for wiping all your makeup before bed; it also a great tool to assist you while using mascara. Put the pad on your eyelids when you are applying mascara, and it can prevent you from smudging your eyelids. No need to clean your eyelids anymore!

Tip #3: Use Finishing Powder between Coats

Another golden tip is, use your finishing powder to upgrade your lashes to appear fuller and thicker. Here is how to apply the finishing powder. Give your eyelashes one coat of mascara and then, brush a tiny amount of finishing powder to your eyelashes. Finally, brush another coat of mascara to complete the steps.

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