How To Apply Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes For Beginner

What are hooded eyes? A hooded look is when you have a folding skin from brow bone to the lash base. Some people were born with them or an aging result. They are quite troublesome for some people because they cause your eyes to look smaller, and it will be challenging to create the desired eye makeup look. Winged eyeliner for hooded eyes tutorial is also provided in this guide.

It will be tricky to apply the eyeliner with hooded eyes without it disappearing after spending fifteen minutes to draw on the eyelids. You can follow our tips below, prepared by our eye makeup specialist.

1. Apply the primer to the eyelids.

eyeliner for hooded eye best eyelid primer

Eyelash primer is crucial in this process to keep the makeup intact and prevent smearing of the eyeliner. Use a great primer to get the process done smoothly. We recommend Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion for the best result.

2. Apply the eyeshadow base

The best way to make sure the primer will stay in place is to apply a neutral eyeshadow base. You need to apply two coats of eyeshadow for this process. Firstly, use a lighter shade eyeshadow base on the primer, then apply a second layer of mid-tone shade in your eye socket area and balance both shades. Bear in mind; you need to open your eyes while doing all the steps above so that all the makeup will not disappear into the crease. We recommend Milani Most Loved Mattes Eyeshadow Palette for best result.

3. One more eyeshadow

The next thing is to use a bit darker shade eyeshadow at the crease to create a more depth effect. The way to do it is by connecting your eye socket with the outer corner of your eyelash line with an upright V-shape. This will create a grand illusion and make your eyes look bigger.

4. Apply the eyeliner

Due to the small lid area for hooded eyes, it is best to apply the eyeliner to the upper eyelashes’ base. It is not recommended to use eyeliner on below eyelashes because it will make your eyes look even smaller. If you are looking for a great eyeliner for hooded eyes, read this article.

Bonus tips by our eye makeup expert for applying eyeliner hooded eyes.

Tip #1: Get yourself a perfect eyeliner

Before you start applying eyeliner on your hooded eyes, the most important thing is to find the best eyeliner for the job. For lash line application, the perfect match is the pencil type eyeliner. Once you have the best eyeliner for you, you can play around to find the best eyeliner technique suitable for your hooded eyes. It takes some time to find one that fits your eyes, depending on your preferred style and look. Once you have found the best technique, it will be a breeze next time.

Tip #2: Curl your Lashes

Your eyelashes play a significant role in making your eyes look bigger. Always curl your lashes and apply the mascara to both upper and button lashes to finish the process.

Tip #3: Find a Perfect Eyeshadow

The best friend for people with hooded eyes is matte natural eyeshadows. They work the best and will always be easy to style. You will be shocked how much different your look with matte eyeshadows compared to the normal one. For hooded eyes, matte eyeshadows are considered the second most important thing after a pencil eyeliner.

Tip #4: Give More Attention to the Outer Corner

Do you know where you can apply pencil eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger and charming? Yes! The outer corner of your eyes, dear. You can use either eyeliner or dark eyeshadow to apply to the area. It will give the illusion of less hoodedness and more linear eyes line.

Tip #5: No eyeliner for lower lids

People who have hooded eyes usually seem to have smaller eyes. To counter that, you need to keep more attention to your makeup on your eyes and upward. The makeup will bring more focus on upper lids making your eyes look bigger and broader.

If you apply more makeup, especially eyeliner on your lower lids, it will make your eyes more hooded. There are ways to apply makeup for lower lids, but it requires more specific skills and is very time-consuming. To make it short, focus on your upper eyelids rather than your lower eyelids.

Tip #6: Crucial Area to Apply Eyeliner

To do this, draw three imaginary lines on your eyelids with the same distance. So you will have three segments on your eyelids. Apply the eyeliner ONLY in the second segment from the outer corner. This technique will help you to maintain the top liner without missing any part of your eyes.

This specific technique also applies to creating wings for your eyeliner, as below.

Tips to Achieve Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

Getting the winged eyeliner done for hooded eyes undoubtedly is very challenging. It would help if you practiced the technique many times before you can master the one method that suits your style. Eye makeup artists spend years practicing to perfect the technique, so be easy on yourself.

Here are two helpful tips to get winged eyeliner for hooded eyes without spending too much time.

Tip #1: Gel Liner versus Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is a saver to those who want to create winged eyeliner, but it will be a disaster for those with hooded eyes. Even though liquid eyeliner will give better handling, it requires some time to dry, and with your hooded eyes, there will be a mess and black lines in unexpected places.

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel eyeliner will be a perfect substitute to replace liquid eyeliner. Gel eyeliner will last as long as liquid eyeliner, so it will help create winged eyeliner for hooded eyes. Not many are using gel liquid eyeliner, but you can make winged eyeliner without any difficulties once you have mastered the technique.

Tip #2: Make the wing long

Don’t just create a wing for your eyeliner; create it long! Elongated winged eyeliner is proven to make your eyes look bigger and broader. It would be best if you made sure the wing is soaring upward. Apply the eyeliner on the lid, and then continue the line a bit further, so the wing is visible when you open your eyes.

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