10 Best Mascara for Short Lashes and Grow Them Naturally

Best mascaras for short lashes are here!

All women with short lashes agree that it takes them more time to apply mascara to achieve the desired length, thickness, and volume. They wish to have a fantastic mascara that helps them to accomplish the super-long lashes they dream of.

There are thousands of mascara in the market, and for those with short lashes, you need to choose based on your specific requirements carefully. Based on our research, the best mascara promotes natural lashes containing vitamin B and serum conditioner. Vitamin E is widely known as the best element to develop keratin in hair, which is also applied to eyelashes. It will help them to grow naturally stronger and longer. On the other hand, conditioning serum will promote an ideal growth medium for eyelashes and keep them nourished.

Now that you know the components you need in your mascara, it should be easy for you to choose your ideal mascara. We have provided ten options for the best mascara for short lashes as guidance to you.

10 Best Mascara for Short Lashes

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
 best mascara for short lashesGrande Cosmetics GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara with Castor OilWashable Mascara with Castor Oil$$$4.5
 IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes 5-in-1 MascaraWashable Mascara with Collagen, Biotin & Peptide$$$4.5
 Mizon Collagen Mascara, 2-in-1 Eyelash Enhancer & SerumWashable Mascara with Eyelash Enhancer & Serum$$4.3
 Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash PrimerWashable Mascara with Primer$$4.4
 Rimmel Lash Accelerator MascaraWashable Mascara with Micro-fiber$4.5
 L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Lash Magnifying MascaraWashable Mascara with Conditioning Serum & Jojoba Oil$$4.5
 Babe Lash Enriching MascaraWashable Mascara with Peptides$$4.1
 Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof MascaraWaterproof Mascara$4.4
 Lancome Definicils High Defenition MascaraWashable Mascara$$$4.6
 L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Extra Volume Collagen Plumping MascaraWashable Mascara$4.4

Does Castor Oil Help to Grow Eyelashes Longer?

best mascara for short lashes with castor oil

According to the expert, there is no scientific evidence to pinpoint that castor oil can grow your eyelashes. But, castor oil is widely known to moisturize your eyelashes, making them look voluminous and thicker. It is also responsible for preventing eyelashes from breaking and reverse hair loss, which can help it grow stronger. But again, there is no scientific research to support the statement above.

Castor oil is proven to be safe for eyelashes, but you need to be extra careful because you apply it very close to your eyes. It is crucial to make sure it does not get into your eyes, thus causing eyeball irritation. Some people with sensitive skin and eyes may develop an allergic reaction, so please be careful and be alert. If you have sensitive skin, apply the castor oil on your hand first to make sure it does not trigger any allergic reaction. If it does trigger an allergic reaction, don’t use it on your eyelashes.

Does Peptide Help to Grow Eyelashes Longer?

Do you have any idea what a Peptide is? The peptide is a formulation of amino acids, or in layman’s terms, it can be referred to as a protein. This strain of protein will help you to stimulate eyelashes growth. Mascara with peptide is a genius product that we have in the market right now. For peptides to work effectively, every lash needs to be separated individually to ensure the peptide component is spread evenly on each lash. You can see the result only after three months, so you need to be consistent and patient.

3 Best Mascara for Short Lashes Reviews

1. Grande Cosmetics Grande DRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara with Castor Oil

best mascara for short lashes

With over 800+ reviews on Amazon, this product has given excellent performance for those who have tried it. The mascara is combined with Castor Oil, which can promote thicker and healthy eyelashes. This mascara features an hourglass wand that helps separate each lash effectively, so it is easy to coat on the eyelashes. 91% of the reviews reported it does not flake, and eyelashes appeared to be more intense. 94% of the users also agreed that their eyelashes are thicker compared to other products.

It is relatively easy to apply, and you can remove it using makeup remover or soap and water. Please be informed that you need to give it some time to get some effect on your eyelashes. Users reported that you could see the results only after a few weeks.

 “I love this mascara and believe me, I’m a MASCARA JUNKIE! As an older woman, I think I’ve tried every mascara on the market, even the high-end ones. But this one is really great! What a difference it makes!” said one happy customer.

2. IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Mascara

best mascara for short lashes

This mascara is no ordinary one. It features 5-in-1 benefits in one mascara: primer conditioning lash, volumizing, lash serum, lashes tint, and lash curler. It is also infused with peptides, biotin, collagen, jojoba oil, and green tea to help grow your eyelashes naturally while giving that thick and extra-long look.

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes comes only in black color at this time, and it is not waterproof. One customer reported that this mascara might not be suitable for people who have sensitive eyes. But generally, people with no sensitive eyes or allergies said there is no issue, and they love the mascara. If you need expert recommendations for the best mascara for sensitive eyes, read the article here.

“I have short lashes but can’t use growth serums because they make my eyes look bloodshot. This mascara gives me just what I wanted! Lashes appear noticeably longer and fuller! It may take a bit longer to apply than my old mascara (it seems kind of wet, and I get it on my lids), but I love the results.” one customer raved. People love using this mascara because you don’t need to apply the eyelashes growth serum separately – save on time and money!

3. Mizon Collagen Mascara, 2-in-1 Eyelash Enhancer & Serum

best mascara for short lashes

Mizon is one of the top cosmetic companies based in Korea. This mascara is infused with both eyelash enhancer collagen and serum that help people with short lashes. It also claimed to be no flaking, no smudging, and no clumping.

By applying this mascara, you can achieve thick and long looking lashes while the high content of collagen will nourish the eyelashes, making them healthy and stronger. The collagen is obtained from marine by-products such as fish scales.

The brush features powerful C-curls to help you curl your eyelashes while applying mascara. Mizon claimed the C-curls will last for 24 hours and are perfect for an everyday mascara.

“It lengthens, thickens, and separates lashes beautifully, and it does not come off. No chipping, flaking, smudging, or smearing. It stays on through my 8.5 hours, sweat-inducing shifts in a humid environment. It stays on through naps. It stays on through workouts. It takes a little more work to get off, but not much more, and certainly less than a waterproof mascara.” wrote one reviewer.

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